Tired of seeing a downward or flat trend in your search engine traffic?

Wanting to improve search engine rankings and traffic that Google and other search engines provide is a logical step in the online marketing strategy for any business, but before you start requesting proposals, it's critical that you understand the basics.

Understanding the basics of SEO will allow you to better evaluate SEO proposals and understand why certain components are being recommended, and in the long run, save you time and money. After all, its not just the initial cost of the SEO services you need to consider, its also any potential lost sales due to ineffective SEO services - so selecting the right SEO company is vital.

Weve put together some of the most important issues surrounding SEO on our SEO Tools and Resources page. This walks you through the important stuff, only takes a few minutes to read and digest, and will definitely help you make a more informed decision on your SEO.

Or give us a call at 866-409-1729 and we'd be delighted to discuss the options that are available for your specific situation.

SEO Service Pricing

Our search engine optimization services are just $90.00/hour.

Don't think for a second that just because our rates are low that our standards are. Our services work - we've worked directly and indirectly with some of Canada's most well known companies including Canada Post, Bell Canada, Sears and many more.

To give you some sense of what it will cost for the onsite optimization portion of your website (META tags, content optimization, etc), the average page for a basic website requires 90 minutes to optimize, so if your site is 10 pages, you can estimate roughly 15 hours @ $90.00/hour, or $1350.00. Note that this doesn't include creating keyword lists, or heavy content work (re-writing or expanding content).

In addition to the optimization of your website, other items we may include in your proposal include:

  • Baseline Reporting - we'll need an hour to create baseline ranking reports and Analytic reports so we can measure campaign performance.

  • Keyword Lists - this one is completely dependant on the scope of your product/service offerings. Most keyword lists require 8-16 hours to build and organize. Large ecommerce sites (10,000+ SKU counts), are the exception to this rule and can take quite a bit longer.

  • Content Writing - while all proposals includes optimization of all existing content, depending on the current state of your site, you may require additional content to hit and boost rankings for target search terms. We ensure that there is a plan with respect to adding new content each month.

  • Site Changes - some sites were designed incorrectly in the beginning and may require a complete or partial rebuild to be search engine friendly. An example of this would be a site that uses graphics for everything, including text. We'll let you know during the review stage if your site fits into one of these categories.

  • Google Suite Setups - all proposals include a Places account setup/optimization for local search, Analytics for goal/event tracking setup as well as automated reports, and Google Webmaster Tools setup for checking for crawling issues and submitting pages to Google.

  • Google Adwords Setup or Optimization - We'll setup a new account if you don't already have one, or optimize your existing account. Either method will provide you with a fully optimized account for maximum pay per click performance.

  • Bing Webmaster Tools - While Bing and Yahoo only represents a small portion of search engine traffic, for the amount of time it takes to setup, it's still worth it.  We'll get your account setup and verified so we have some control and visibility in these engines as well.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google My Biz, LinkedIn Accounts - If you don't already have company profiles for these, we'll set them up and get you started.

Proposal Details

Our SEO proposal will focus on maximum results. We'll include everything in our arsenal that will help increase your search rankings as quickly as possible. All components are broken out in the proposal so you can see individual costs, and everything is completely optional.  Just let us know once you've reviewed the proposal and we'll make appropriate adjustments as required.

To help with budgetary concerns, you can select to have your SEO services split into three phases, with time delays between phases to spread out when service payments are due. If you select this option, this is what you can expect:

  • Phase 1 - Addresses all the on site optimization work items

    • Begins within 2 days to a week from proposal acceptance

  • Phase 2 - Addresses all the off site optimization work items

    • Begins 2 weeks from Phase 1 being completed

  • Phase 3 - Monthly Campaign Services

    • Begins the month after we've completed Phase 2

We challenge you to find better rates and more flexible options for SEO services anywhere in Canada.

Let's get started - complete our SEO Proposal request form and well perform a thorough review of your site, conduct a competitive and link profile analysis, and provide you with a detailed proposal outlining our recommendations.

Or give us a call at 866-409-1729 for a one on one discuss about your site and the options that are available.

If you're not ready for a proposal, but just have some questions, complete our General Information form and and we'll provide whatever information you're after. We're here to help.

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