Since there are so many “SEO Experts” out there, we thought it would be prudent to provide some specific examples of what we’ve been able to achieve with some of our SEO clients – proof is always in the pudding.

Due to privacy concerns, we’re not able to actually show rankings directly on our website, however once you’ve completed our no-obligation SEO Proposal request form and we’ve verified your information wed be happy to share enough details for you to easily see we actually know what were doing - just don't forget to ask in your request. 

Call us at 866-409-1729 and we'd be happy to take you through Google search results and show you specific examples of what we've achieved for some of our clients.

Make sure that you ask for specific examples from any potential SEO company. Without this information you’re basing your decision on how well they’ve sold you on the phone or in their proposal, as opposed to being able to see what they’ve actually done for clients in the past.

Also look at the competitiveness of the search term examples they provide. Achieving rankings for Keswick termite exterminators is a much easier term to achieve than say, Boxing Day Sales.

If you encounter resistance to this, cross them off the list immediately as it’s a huge red flag. While you can expect them to be able to verify to some degree who you are, once this has been established – there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t share ranking examples and again, if they won’t – shred their proposal immediately.

For more details on what we’ve been able to achieve for a few of our clients, please complete our
SEO Proposal request form – we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal on your SEO requirements as well as some examples of what we’re capable of.

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