SEO Services Toronto, a division of Web Marketing Toronto, provides expert level SEO services and Adwords optimization services for business in the Greater Toronto area.

In addition to providing SEO Services, and Adwords optimization services, we also provide other related online marketing services including analytics setups and troubleshooting, web design services, copywriting services and more.

SEO Services Toronto provides companies ranging from home based businesses, to large corporations expert SEO and Adwords services. We've had the pleasure of working with some of Canada’s largest retailers such as Bell Canada, Canada Post Corporation, and have been providing SEO Services for 20 years.

Our SEO Value Propositions

Here are our value propositions to consider when comparing us against other SEO companies.

Your SEO campaign is managed by an SEO expert with 11 years experience

We never delegate your campaign work items to inexperienced entry level SEO employees or contractors in order to maximize our profits, which is common practice with large agencies. Some SEO companies will have a senior SEO specialist on staff, but their role in your campaign will likely be as a project manager, overseeing dozens of projects at once. They don’t get involved in the actual hands on work that’s being done to your site. Once your project begins the actual work is either delegated to low level SEO interns, or in some cases is even farmed out over seas.

We don’t spread ourselves thin with hundreds of clients

We are a boutique style SEO services shop that restricts the number of clients we take on so that we can focus on providing amazing first class SEO services to our customers. It’s about quality service, attention to detail and exceeding expectations - not getting as many clients as we can. We're here for you after the initial SEO work is complete, and go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your campaign is a success. Turning away clients might seem crazy, but it's what allows us to provide amazing results, and it’s a huge distinction – one we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

We provide complete transparency

We don’t hide details or provide vague reports and proposals, only providing the numbers that make ourselves look good. If we’re recommending a link campaign we provide the important details, including the number of links per month you’ll receive, the URLs of the links and reports to back up their performance. From initial proposals to monthly reports – we provide ALL the details of your campaign so you understand exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and what the results are.

Three simple value propositions that provide maximum value – our clients appreciate them and we hope you will too.

Contacting SEO Services Toronto

For more information on our services, please complete one of the below contact forms and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Telephone: Call us at 866-409-1729 and speak directly with a search engine optimization specialist about your situation.

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